Questions from the fans


Q. Where are you originally from?

      A. Born in Ventura California, but moved to Oklahoma when I was two.

Q. How old are you?

      A. I’ll be 42 this year (2019)

Q. Do you have children?

      A. I have one son

Q. What was the first race car you ever built?

      A. My 89 Mustang was the first

Q. How did Billy and Ryan meet?

     A. We met street racing in high school, we also worked together in someone else’s shop before opening our own. 

Q. How much does it cost for you to go to a race?

      A. Too much to calculate, plus each race is different, but I can tell you it costs us $500 to fill the rig up every time we stop.

Q. How much of the show is staged?

      A. There isn’t really a way to stage a show about racing, street or track. They do add in things like double the points on the final race, or comedy bits by Farm Truck and Azn to make “good TV”. But all of the races, wrecks, and even the fighting is 100% real.

Q. Is Ryan still active in the shop?

     A. I’m very much still active in the shop, but I’ve got a great team of guys that are able to take care of things while I’m away filming.

Q. What did you race before the Fireball Camaro?

      A. Before I had the Fireball, I had an 89 Fox Body Mustang that I raced 10x5 and X275 with.

Q. Would you ever switch to ProCharger?

      A. You never know what the future holds, but those twin turbos have always treated us well!

Q. How long have you had the Camaro?

     A. I bought the Fireball in late 2015

Q. I sometimes see cars and trucks driving around town with the Fireball logo on them, what is that? 

    A. Billy and I own a company called Fireball Performance Cars. We take stock vehicles from our preferred dealers, put performance packages on them along with custom appearance options and then the dealership sells them to their customers. 

Q. How has traveling to the races and race day itself changed for you, now that you have a family?

     A. I would say its better, I’m very blessed that they’re able to come with me and I get to create these memories with my son.

Q. What do you like to do when you’re not racing?

      A. Travel, as if that’s not ironic. But I love traveling to new places and trying their local foods.

Q. Who owns the 69 Camaro? 

       A. Customers car

Q. You’ve always had Ford vehicles, why a Chevy Camaro?

      A. We just love fast stuff, doesn’t have to be brand specific.

Q. Do you have more fun now racing the Fireball, or back when you raced your Mustang?

     A. I’d say it’s a different kind of fun, but the Fireball is defiantly a lot faster that the Mustang was back in the day.

Q. If you could have any other car on the 405 list, what would it be?

     A. I’d take Jeff Lutz’s 57 Chevy, but I would paint red.

Q. Have you ever wrecked your car?

     A. I’ve had a few close calls, but I’ve been very lucky to not have wrecked. In this industry its less of an IF and more of a when.

Q. Will you ever convert the Fireball back to run RvW?

     A. With filming for both shows year-round, there just isn’t any time to race anything else right now. But maybe one day we’ll try it again. 

Q. Would you ever get a different race car?

      A. Stay tuned!

Q. What are the largest turbos you have ever ran on the Fireball?

     A. 106mm

Q. How did you get into street racing?

     A. I’ve always liked anything fast, but street racing was big when I was in high school and my first car was my 89 Mustang, it just happened.

Q. When is Billy going to start driving again?

      A. Stay tuned!

Q. How many Camaros do you own? 

     A. Two, one is a daily driver/demo for my business, the other is the race car.

Q. At the No Prep Kings races you always do a super long burn out, why?

     A. Because the fans love it

Q. Where do you see no prep racing going in the next 5 years?

      A. I hope it thrives, not only do I really enjoy it, but I see it bring so many people back into the sport.

Q. How did you meet the guys that you street race with now?

     A. Most of them I met street racing, but quite a few of them own/owned their own business and we used each other’s services.

Q. What is your dream car?

      A. I’m driving it.

Q. What is your daily driver?

      A. It changes often, but right now it’s 2017 GMC truck

Q. Do you have any speeding tickets?

     A. Just a few

Q. Do you have a back up car if the Camaro gets hurt?

     A. Not really, but I’m sure we could put something together if we had to.

Q. How involved are you in Robin Roberts race program?

     A. Robin is a good friend of mine, I’m always willing to help any of the guys out in any way that I can, but I’m not actually a part of his program. 

Q. What took you so long to get on the show?

      A. I was very busy building a business the prior years, I couldn’t really commit to it at the time.

Q. Do you like No Prep racing or street racing better?

     A. They’re both very different, but I would probably say No Prep is my favorite. I enjoy getting to race in front of the fans and meeting people from all over the country. 

Q. Will No Prep Kings ever go to another country?

     A. That is out of my control, but I think it would be awesome to race overseas.

Q. Who drives the rig to the races?

      A. Billy and I both do.

Q. Is the Fireball the most expensive car on the 405 list or in the No Prep Kings field?

     A. I’m not sure, it definitely feels like it, but there are a few guys that have had to completely rebuild after wrecking and that’s never cheap.

Q. What’s your fastest mph in the 8th so far?